Sep 12, 2017

10x-pert Workshop - Structural Variant and Haplotype Analysis with Linked-Read Data

Shauna Clark

Third in our 10x-pert Workshop Series, the Structural Variant and Haplotype Analysis with Linked-Read Data session was hosted by R&D Scientists, Sarah Garcia and David Stafford.  Sarah gave a great presentation providing an overview of the Loupe™ Genome Browser for structural variant (SV) detection using Linked-Reads, as well as, taking a deeper dive into deriving a complex SV.  Following the presentation, David and Sarah audience questions during an open Q&A session.

Watch the session recording and find links to structural variant analysis resources below.

Video table of contents:

  • Overview of Loupe Genome Browser: 2:04 – 4:38
  • Visualizing a simple SV event - deletion: 4:39 – 7:45
  • Deriving a complex SV event: 7:46 – 18:49
  • Open Q&A session: 18:50 – 44:05

Structural variant analysis resources:

  • Loupe Genome Browser demo and documentation
  • Application Note: Chromium™ Structural Variant Analysis with Linked Reads
  • Get more information about Linked-Reads.
  • Find all Genome and Exome documentation on the 10x Support Site.

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