Feb 9, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about Linked-Reads

Shauna Clark

Check out our growing list of resources and learn how to make the most of the human genome with Linked-Reads.

  • See how the Chromium™ Genome and Exome Solutions use Linked-Reads in our animated video.  Watch it work

  • Read a great introductory blog post by Deanna Church, "An introduction to Linked-Reads"

  • Get more details in our full length technical note "Introduction to Linked-Read Technology for More Comprehensive Genome & Exome Analysis".

  • See our growing list of Publications.

  • Tired of reading? Watch our Scientific Seminar Videos about Linked-Read technology and see how researchers are using Linked-Reads:

  • Browse through our poster hall and see the Linked-Read data presented in 2016 at ASHG, AACR, AGBT and more.

  • Now that you've familiarized yourself with Linked-Reads, learn more about analyzing Linked-Read data with Long Ranger Software and take our Loupe Genome Browser for a test drive.

  • See the Linked-Read for yourself- download our datasets for: genome, exome and de novo assembly.

  • Wonder what the effect of DNA quality and sequencing depth have on Linked-Read data? You’re in luck.  Check out the "Chromium Genome Application Performance as a Result of DNA Quality & Sequencing Depth" technical note.