Oct 12, 2017

#GoExponential with 10x at #ASHG17

Shauna Clark

**UPDATED: **Nov. 11, 2017

The American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting took place from October 17 to 21 in Orlando, FL and there were exciting workshops, talks, posters and more. The Presidential Symposium on Wednesday, October 18 featured speakers Bill Gates, Co-chair and Trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Francis Collins, Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and was a lively conversation about global health and genomics. Read more about the Presidential Symposium in our blog post here.

Here are some sessions that we attended: #10: Disease Gene Discovery Strategies, #45: Single Cell Omics Technologies, and #22: Detection and Interpretation of Structural Variation, chaired by 10x’s Deanna Church. Read more about these sessions in our ASHG 2017 Wednesday and Thursday round-up blog posts. You can also check out Deanna’s thoughts on the new 1000 Genomes Project Paper, about what’s new with Linked-Reads, and how single cell genomics feels today like early days of Human Genome Project.

Here’s what we were up to at #ASHG17 and if you didn't make it, check out our live tweets. #GoExponential


Thanks to all those who braved the rain and joined us for a great evening of drinks, apps and conversation with fellow scientists and 10x-perts.

ASHG17 Community Mixer
ASHG17 Community Mixer


Advancing Genomic and Single-Cell Sequencing Drop-by-Drop with the 10x Chromium™ System

Our lunchtime workshop featuring 10x's Deanna Church speaking about new products, Head of Applied Genomics at CHOP and Madhuri Hegde, VP & CSO, Global Labs, from PerkinElmer, speaking about resolving "dark matter" of the exome with Linked-Reads and automated Linked-Read WES and WGS for dried blood spots, respectively.

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Intuitive Tools for Sequence Analysis: Crunching Genomic, Single-Cell and Immune Repertoire Data Using 10x Chromium™ Software

Our early morning breakfast session, started with Alex Wong, VP of Software & Infrastructure at 10x Genomics, highlighting our sample-to-answer solutions, including data analysis and visualization tools.

Following Alex was a number of engaging software demonstrations, including LongRanger and the Loupe Genome Browser for Genome/Exome analysis, Supernova for de novo assembly,  Cell Ranger and the Loupe Cell Browser for single-cell gene expression analysis, and the Loupe V(D)J Browser for single-cell immune repertoire profiling.

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Also, don’t forget about our collaboration with PerkinElmer to create an automated workflow for dried blood spots and saliva for Linked-Read sequencing.  Learn more in our press release".*

Thanks for a great ASHG 2017 and we look forward to seeing you next year at ASHG 2018 in San Diego!