Apr 3, 2018

Two down, eight to go -- a report from the Bay Area User Group Meeting

Kariena Dill

Our second UGM of 2018 was held on March 14th in South San Francisco, where we were joined by more than 150 customers and researchers from throughout the Bay Area. The day’s program included presentations by 5 customer speakers, as well a panel discussion with 10x-perts from our research and development, software support and marketing departments. And in repeat performances from San Diego, we heard from 10xers Giovanna Prout and Anushka Brownley with presentations on the growing 10x product portfolio and our bioinformatics data analysis pipelines.

The first session of customer presentations followed a Developmental Biology theme, with three talks that featured single cell transcriptional studies of developing and adult tissues. Dr. Sean Wu, Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, presented ‘Single Cell Approaches to Cardiac Development and Disease' followed by Tomasz Nowakowski, Assistant Professor at UC San Francisco School of Medicine, who presented ‘Through the lens of single cell analysis: insights into human brain development.’ Rounding out the session, UC San Francisco Assistant Professor Aaron Tward presented ‘Cell Lineages in the Adult and Developing Ear.

After lunch, we heard from Matt Settles, director of UC Davis bioinformatics core, who focused on Linked-Reads and de novo assembly in a talk titled ‘Towards Chromosome Scale Haplotype Assemblies.' And in the final presentation of the day, Dr. Daniel Kim, Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz, presented on a new application of our Single Cell solution, ‘Single cell analysis of noncoding RNA.'

We thank all of you who joined us in South San Francisco! The next North American UGM will be held in Chicago on April 26th. But for now, we hand the baton to Scott Brouilette, our colleague in Europe, who is hosting our upcoming UGM events in Heidelberg, Germany (April 9-10) and Uppsala, Sweden (April 11-12). Visit our UGM information page to view a the full list of 2018 User Group Meetings and to register for a meeting near you. (Registration is Free!)

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