Xenium Catalyst Program

Pilot data to evaluate Xenium technology

The Xenium Catalyst program gives you easy access to our industry-leading single cell spatial imaging platform, Xenium In Situ. Send us your samples for test trials and evaluate Xenium’s capabilities firsthand, generate essential data for grants, or build a strong case for purchasing the instrument.

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10x Genomics Xenium Catalyst Program
Unlock Xenium In Situ technology and expert insights for your spatial transcriptomics analysis
From sample prep to data evaluation in as few as 4 weeks
10x Genomics Xenium Catalyst specialist
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Reach out to a Xenium specialist

Submit a request here or get in touch with your local Xenium sales specialist who will walk you through the entire process.

10x Genomics Xenium Catalyst specialist
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Send your samples to a Xenium Catalyst lab

Use any of our pre-designed panels—including the new Xenium 5K panel—for your experiment, or customize your own panels using the Xenium Panel Designer tool to precisely meet your research needs.

10x Genomics Xenium Catalyst specialist
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Receive and evaluate your Xenium data alongside a 10x bioinformatics expert

Experience the power of firsthand Xenium data insights. Our expert 10x Bioinformatics team will walk you through data analysis and offer personalized consultation to help you evaluate your results.

Explore how researchers use Xenium data to power their scientific publication
  • Single cell approaches define forebrain neural stem cell niches and identify microglial ligands that enhance precursor-mediated remyelination

    Biorxiv: 10.1101/2024.03.22.586277v1
    View publication
  • Inferring super-resolution tissue architecture by integrating spatial transcriptomics with histology

  • Subventricular zone stem cell niche injury is associated with intestinal perforation in preterm infants and predicts future motor impairment


Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit a request for a Catalyst project directly through the online form, or get in touch with your local Xenium sales specialist/sales executive.

We are offering the same panels through catalyst that customers can buy commercially. You can find details of the different panels here.

Yes. You can place multiple samples (fresh frozen or formalin fixed paraffin embedded) per slide, and up to two different panels can be used in one Xenium run. You can also submit tumor microarrays.

Yes. You can customize your Catalyst project in a variety of ways, using the Xenium Panel Designer to add up to 100 custom genes to any off-the-shelf panel or generate your own custom panel of up to 480 genes.

You can also create an Advanced Custom Panel if you need to analyze or incorporate:

  • Species other than human or mouse
  • Gene isoforms and/or gene fusions
  • Viral or bacterial sequences
  • Protein tags, fluorescent reporters, and/or transgenes

See how to design an Advanced Custom Panel here, or reach out to have a specialist walk you through the entire process!

Up to 4 slides (2 slides for projects using Xenium Prime 5K assays). Each slide has an available sample positioning area measuring 10.45 mm X 22.45 mm. You can fill the area with a single section, multiple sections or TMA.

The Catalyst program enables you to quickly process a limited number of samples for the purpose of technology evaluation. While this program does not provide repeat services, we’re happy to connect you with one of our qualified Xenium Service Providers for continued services and/or larger numbers of samples.

Yes, this is part of our standard workflow. After the Xenium experiment is complete, we run an H&E stain on the same slide. The H&E image is then co-registered with the Xenium data and is ready to be visualized on Xenium Explorer.

We currently do not have the resources to run antibodies post-Catalyst run. We would be happy to facilitate an introduction to qualified Xenium service providers who can run post-Xenium IF on your samples.

Discover the power of Xenium In Situ
  • Xenium in situ gene expression screenshot

    Xenium Platform overview

    Map gene expression at subcellular resolution with a diverse menu of validated, biologically relevant panels.

  • Xenium in situ gene expression screenshot

    See Xenium data in action

    Explore our 474 gene human pancreatic cancer dataset post-Xenium H&E and IF images.

  • Xenium in situ gene expression screenshot

    Xenium Analyzer Onboard Analysis

    The Xenium Analyzer processes data during the run allowing you to visualize and explore the data right away.

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