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Xenium Onboard Analysis

Xenium Onboard Analysis

What is Xenium Onboard Analysis?

The Xenium In Situ software suite is a set of software applications for analyzing and visualizing in situ gene expression data produced by the Xenium Analyzer. The Xenium Onboard Analysis pipeline enables simultaneous on-instrument data collection and analysis.

New to Xenium Onboard Analysis? Getting Started with Xenium Onboard Analysis

Learn about Xenium Onboard Analysis outputs, algorithms, and software compatibility.


Outputs at a Glance

A table of Xenium onboard analysis pipeline output files.

Understanding Xenium Outputs

Overview of all Xenium onboard analysis pipeline output files.

Analysis Summary Overview

Overview of the interactive Xenium analysis summary output file metrics and plots.

Analysis Summary Alerts

Troubleshooting guide for the Xenium analysis summary alerts.

Archiving Xenium Data

Storing Xenium raw data for reanalysis or grant requirements.

Release Notes

View the latest updates to Xenium Onboard Analysis.

Xenium Analyzer

Powerful in situ profiling platform using curated panels, powerful visualization software, and easy-to-follow workflow.

Xenium Explorer

Visualize data from Xenium In Situ solutions.

Xenium Ranger

Reanalyze data from Xenium In Situ solutions.


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Analysis Guides

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