10x Genomics Cloud Analysis

Data analysis, simplified

10x Genomics Cloud Analysis is a platform for data management, analysis, and collaboration to streamline and accelerate the interpretation of data generated from 10x Genomics assays. Currently only available in the United States.

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10x Genomics Cloud Analysis
  • Free analysis

    Process every 10x Genomics dataset with 10x analysis pipelines at no cost.¹

  • Intuitive analysis workflow

    Start and manage your analyses through a simple web interface.

  • Fast and scalable

    Use our optimized and scalable infrastructure to quickly process your data.

  • Easily access latest pipelines

    Instantly get access to the latest version of analysis pipeline.

  • Simplified data management

    Easily track and manage your 10x data and analysis results.

  • Data security and integrity

    Built with industry best-practices to ensure data privacy and controlled access.

Accelerate your time to results

Cut to the front of the line with optimized cloud clusters to quickly and easily process your 10x data in the 10x Genomics Cloud.

How It Works

Sequence your sample with a 10x Genomics assay. After demultiplexing your sequencing data, upload FASTQ files and easily setup and run 10x analysis pipelines using our scalable cloud computing infrastructure. Easily view quality control metrics and download the full results for further analysis.

Cloud Analysis workflow, including sequencing, uploading files, running analysis pipelines, downloading & exploring results

Free usage for all 10x datasets

Take advantage of an ample amount of free analysis up to the limits indicated in the table below. Pay only for what you use beyond these limits with no upfront commitment. For more information on billing and pricing, visit our support site.

Table of what you can do with Cloud Analysis—run analysis pipelines, store data & download results—and what you get for free

Supported products and analysis pipelines

Please note that 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis is only supported in the United States & Canada. For more details about supported analysis functionality, visit our support site.

Table outlining the 10x Genomics data types and analysis pipelines compatible with Cloud Analysis

Planned and Upcoming Features

We’re working on improving the service and building features that make analysis easier and more accessible for you.
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  • Analyze Spatial GEX Data

    We’re designing ways for you to upload and analyze your Spatial Gene Expression data in Cloud Analysis using Space Ranger pipelines.
  • Analyze Single Cell ATAC Data

    We’re architecting ways to leverage 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis to simplify analysis for Single Cell ATAC datasets.
  • Collaboration tools

    We’re researching ways of making collaboration easier, with enhanced sharing capabilities for projects, teams, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Analysis currently supports Cell Ranger and Cell Ranger ARC pipelines from an easy-to-use web interface. We support the latest version of Cell Ranger as well as older versions, allowing you to maintain consistent versioning across your experiment without reprocessing your data.

Learn more about the analyses available on Cloud Analysis by visiting our support site.

We expect to add support for more 10x Genomics analysis software, as well as Loupe visualization, over time.

Each uploaded 10x Genomics library comes with a set of analysis pipeline runs, a free data storage period, and free data downloads. Usage beyond the free limits is billing on a monthly basis. For more information on billing and payments, visit our support site.

We care about securing your data and protecting your user account. We have a number of security protocols and practices in place including data encryption, the use of analysis tools to scan for vulnerabilities, and 24/7 monitoring of security-related events. To learn more, visit our support site.

We understand that there is interest in Cloud Analysis from researchers all around the world and we aim to provide Cloud Analysis to everyone, regardless of geographic location. At this time, we do not have any specific commitments for the timing of expansion to additional countries.

1 See 10x Genomics Cloud Terms of Use for restrictions and details

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