Cloud Analysis

Fast, Secure, and Easy Analysis in the Cloud

Cloud Analysis is currently in its Early Access period. We expect it to be generally available at the beginning of 2021. If you are interested in running 10x Genomics pipelines faster and easier, tell us how we can solve your analysis needs.

Cloud Analysis
  • Included with 10x products

    Included with 10x products

    Standard analysis of your samples is now included. Additional analysis is available for a low cost.

  • Click-to-run analysis pipelines

    Click-to-run analysis pipelines

    Run Cell Ranger analysis pipelines from a simple web interface and receive status updates when your analyses are complete.

  • Leave the infrastructure to us

    Leave the infrastructure to us

    Use our scalable compute infrastructure for fast analysis turnaround and long-term data storage.

  • Easy to share and collaborate

    Easy to share and collaborate

    Transfer data and projects to your customers, collaborators, and teammates.

  • Integrates with your workflow

    Integrates with your workflow

    Designed to work alongside your current systems and give you the freedom to manage and store data however you choose.

  • Safe and secure

    Safe and secure

    Store your 10x Genomics analysis data on a secure platform built for privacy and access control.


Planned and Upcoming Features

We’re working on improving the service and building features that make analysis easier and more accessible for you.

Analyze Feature Barcode data

Soon you’ll be able to upload Feature Barcode data and analyze it in Cloud Analysis using Cell Ranger’s counting pipeline that quantifies each feature in each cell.

Custom references

We’re building ways to allow you to use and store your own custom references.

Support for additional pipelines

We’re designing ways to simplify analysis for more 10x Genomics products including Spatial Gene Expression, Targeted Gene Expression, and more.

Collaboration tools

We’re researching ways of making collaboration easier, including sharing projects, teams, and more.

Supported Products and Analysis Pipelines

How It Works

  1. 1Step 1

    Sequence a 10x Genomics Library

    Prepare and sequence your sample with a 10x Genomics assay like Single Cell 3’ Gene Expression.

    • 2Step 2

      Upload FASTQ Files

      After demultiplexing your sequencing data, upload your FASTQ files using our fast and secure uploader tool.

      • 3Step 3

        Start Analysis Pipelines

        Easily configure and start analyses powered by Cell Ranger analysis pipelines. Our scalable compute platform takes care of the rest.

        • 4Step 4

          Explore Your Results

          Easily download data to your existing environments, or store data long-term for a low usage-based cost.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Cloud Analysis is a platform for data management, analysis, and collaboration to simplify and accelerate the interpretation of data generated from 10x Genomics assays. Cloud Analysis will make it easier than ever to access and run 10x software, track and manage your experimental data, and share that data with collaborators and researchers.

          Cloud Analysis is currently available to a limited number of customers in the United States during the Early Access period. If you are interested in using Cloud Analysis, please take this survey to express interest and to help us build what is valuable to you.

          We expect Cloud Analysis will be generally available to customers in the United States in Q1 of 2021.

          Cloud Analysis currently supports Cell Ranger count, aggr, reanalyze, and vdj pipelines from an easy-to-use web interface. We support the latest version of Cell Ranger, as well as versions 4.0 and 3.1, allowing you to maintain consistent versioning across your experiment without reprocessing your data.

          Learn more about the analyses available on Cloud Analysis by visiting our support site.

          We expect to add support for more 10x Genomics analysis software, as well as Loupe visualization, over time. For more details on planned and upcoming features, explore our roadmap.

          For more information on Cloud Analysis, visit our support site.

          Each uploaded 10x Genomics library comes with a set of analysis pipeline runs, a free data storage period, and free data downloads. The exact free limits are still being determined. It will be possible to purchase additional analysis pipeline runs, data downloads, and extended storage for a usage-based cost. More details will be available before Cloud Analysis is generally available.

          Help us decide the future of 10x Genomics Cloud