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Whole transcriptome discovery in the tissue context

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Visium mouse brain data

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Introducing a new era of spatial discovery with Visium HD Spatial Gene Expression

  • Whole transcriptome analysis at single cell-scale resolution
  • Continuous tissue coverage
  • Best-in-class data powered by innovative probe-based chemistry and a Visium CytAssist-enabled workflow
See your tissue in HD

Discover the spatial organization of gene expression

The Visium platform enables unbiased molecular profiling of frozen and fixed tissue sections, simple tissue handling, sensitive gene detection, and user-friendly software for visualizing gene expression.

Visium hardware
Visium workflow

How Visium empowers your research

  • Profile whole sections across Capture Areas of up to 11 x 11 mm

    Perform discovery and validation studies across entire tissue sections, no need to pre-select regions of interest.

  • Analyze RNA, protein, and histology, all in one

    Go beyond gene expression. Analyze cellular relationships by combining transcriptomics with histology and protein expression.

  • Map fresh frozen, PFA-fixed frozen, FFPE, and tissue microarrays

    Access diverse samples with optimized workflows, with proven compatibility on a diverse set of organs across species.


Flexible assays that suit your needs


HD Spatial Gene Expression

HD Spatial Gene Expression
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Spatial Gene Expression

Spatial Gene Expression

Spatial Gene + Protein Expression

Spatial Gene + Protein Expression

What you can do

Proven whole transcriptome spatial analysis at single cell-scale resolution and continuous tissue coverage.

  • Whole transcriptome

Simultaneous analysis of molecular and imaging data from FFPE & frozen tissue sections.

  • Whole transcriptome

Simultaneous analysis of RNA and protein expression of FFPE tissues, using probe-based chemistry and tagged antibodies.

  • Whole transcriptome
  • Protein expression

Species compatibility

Human and mouse


Human and mouse

Tissue compatibility


FFPE, Fresh Frozen, Fixed Frozen


Analyte capture method

  • CytAssist enabled, probe-based chemistry (for FFPE)
  • CytAssist enabled, probe-based chemistry (for FFPE and fresh frozen)
  • Direct Placement, Probe-based chemistry (for FFPE and fixed frozen)
  • Direct Placement, Poly-A based chemistry (for fresh frozen)
  • CytAssist enabled, probe-based chemistry (for FFPE)
  • Visium CytAssist

    Simple sample handling and powerful spatial insights

    1. Start with typical histology workflow on standard glass slides
    2. 2
    3. Use the instrument to transfer slides to Visium capture areas
    4. 3
    5. Proceed with the remaining Visium workflow
    Discover the CytAssist
    See how it works
  • Visium CytAssist instrument
  • Analysis software

    An intuitive visual canvas for your spatial analysis

    Explore spatial analysis software

    Transform sequencing data into gene expression-aligned images

    Map the whole transcriptome across your tissue sections with Space Ranger, a set of analysis pipelines that process sequencing data with brightfield and fluorescence microscope images.

    Dive into your data and uncover new spatial biology insights

    Explore your Space Ranger results using Loupe Browser. Loupe Browser is a desktop application that enables you to easily navigate through molecular expression patterns overlaid on your original tissue section image.


    Explore the power of spatial biology

    Enhance your spatial discovery with complementary platforms

    Expand your Visium insights by interrogating single cell profiling with newly discovered mapped cell types or deepen your understanding of specific targets using Xenium subcellular precision.

    • 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Platform

      Perform transcriptomic profiling, with multiomic capabilities, in up to a million single cells

      Characterize tissue heterogeneity, discover rare cell types, and dissect molecular mechanisms cell by cell.

    • image

      Target 100’s to 1000’s of RNAs in individual cells across a tissue sample

      Map gene expression at subcellular resolution with a diverse menu of validated, biologically relevant panels

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