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Biology at single cell resolution: RNA, protein, and chromatin

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Xenium breast cancer sample data

The next generation of single cell is here

Introducing Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression v4 and Single Cell Immune Profiling v3, powered by new GEM-X technology

  • Partition and barcode your cells 3x faster
  • Achieve cell recovery efficiency rates of up to 80%
  • Reduce multiplet rates two-fold
  • Lower sequencing costs by up to 50%
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Uncover new insights

Discover cellular diversity, rare cells, and disease-linked cell types.

Capture RNA, protein, chromatin and more

Get a complete picture with versatile assays that profile multiple analytes.

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Additional capabilities

Intuitive analysis, included

Our suite of software tools is included with your assay purchase, enabling you to process and visualize data, even without bioinformatics experience.

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    Turn raw sequencing data into cell-feature matrices

    Start with Cell Ranger, our set of analysis pipelines for Chromium Single Cell data, to align reads and process data.

  • 10x Cloud Analysis interface
    Accelerate time to results using our fast cloud infrastructure

    Cloud Analysis enables quick and easy access to Cell Ranger pipelines from your web browser. Available in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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    Inspect clusters and examine expression patterns

    Interactively explore your Cell Ranger results using Loupe Browser. Examine gene expression patterns, annotate cell types, and generate figures.

Success, right out of the box

Our user-friendly instrument brings reproducibility and efficiency to your bench for everything from pilot studies to million-cell experiments. Supports the full suite of assays.

Discover the Chromium X Series
A Chromium X instrument


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    Access single cell datasets

    Filter by sample type, species, disease state, preservation method, and more.

  • 10x Genomics publications
    Browse peer-reviewed publications

    Explore how researchers use Chromium to power impactful science.

  • 10x Genomics publications
    Explore technical documentation

    Get the answers you need with FAQs, how-to videos, and user guides.

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Build on your single cell foundations with complementary technologies

Expand your insights by mapping single cell profiles within the tissue context using Visium, or deepen your understanding of specific targets using Xenium subcellular precision.

  • 10x Genomics Visium
    Visium Spatial

    Assess spatial gene expression of FFPE or fresh frozen tissue sections. Harness whole transcriptome discovery while defining the relationship between cellular function and location.

  • 10x Genomics Xenium In Situ
    Xenium In Situ

    Localize hundreds of single-molecule RNA targets with subcellular resolution in tissue sections. Refine and validate biological insights revealed through single cell and spatial analyses.

See biology at the single cell level

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