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10x Genomics Chromium accolades
7,000+ publications
across diverse sample types (including FFPE)

Validated by thousands of publications in high impact journals, the Chromium Single Cell platform consistently delivers robust performance across a wide range of samples.

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Chromium sample types
Automate the most critical step in single cell:
Built to be stable, reliable, and reproducible

Our Chromium instrument streamlines cell partitioning with automation, minimizing errors and inconsistencies for unmatched reproducibility, reliability, efficiency, and data quality.

Controlled temperature
Precisely controlled environment ensures consistent and reliable cell partitioning
Controlled temperature
Temperature controls keep samples stable and reduce data variability
We transformed sophisticated technologies into a streamlined workflow

Generate barcoded droplets in just 6 to 8 minutes with a simple touch of a button.

Chromium X instrument streamlined workflow
Pre-designed Xenium panels graphic icon
  • Rely on a highly consistent instrument to process samples the same way, every time.
  • Reduce errors with our fast, one-day workflow with few pipetting steps.
  • Make the most of your samples with cell recovery rates up to 80%.
Other Single Cell Providers
  • Rely on lab personnel and manual labor, introducing inconsistency and errors.
  • Introduce errors with a labor intensive multi-day workflow with many pipetting steps.
  • Lose data from important cell populations with low cell recovery rates
Capture the most of your precious samples

Ensure high cell recovery for a wide array of samples and cell sizes, with our newest GEM-X technology achieving as high as 80% cell recovery.

10x Genomics Chromium has up to 80% cell recovery
  • Gain a more complete understanding of the cells present in your sample
  • Maximize rare cell type identification
  • Use fewer cells for the same amount of data
  • Achieve a consistently high cell recovery rates for wide array of cell sizes

Uncover previously hidden biology, from even the most challenging samples

Our assays' unmatched sensitivity empowers you uncover deeper biological insights at a reduced sequencing depth and cost.

The newest version of Chromium (GEM-X) leads the market with the highest sensitivity.
PMBC sensitivity graph
Adult mouse brain nuclei sensitivity graph

Broaden your research horizons with a versatile multi-omic toolkit

Advance your research questions by exploring a broad array of analytes and data types, including gene expression, chromatin accessibility, immune profiling, TCR/BCR, protein, CRISPR, spatial transcriptomics, in situ gene expression and more.

10x Genomics mutiome toolkit

We provide the best support to help you succeed

With comprehensive resources and tailored training from single cell experts, we've got you covered from sample prep to data analysis.

10x Genomics Chromium resources

Access comprehensive resources including User Guides, Protocols, How-to Videos, Analysis Guides and more.

10x Genomics Chromium resources

Our single cell experts have you covered, with tailored training sessions for sample preparation, data analysis, and more.

Control costs without compromising on quality

Maximize your budget with scalable and flexible assays that adapt to your research needs. Plus, our high sensitivity assays require less sequencing depth, translating to lower costs.

As low as $413 per sample, $0.05 per cell
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