Xenium In Situ

High-performance in situ from the single cell leader

Characterize 100s–1,000s of genes in cells and tissues with ultra precise single cell spatial imaging

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Xenium breast cancer sample data

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A new standard for cell segmentation

  • Have more confidence in transcript-to-cell assignments with precise cell segmentation using multiple morphology features
  • Integrate easily into your Xenium workflow using a simple stain mix
  • Reflect cell morphologies more accurately with the advanced AI algorithm
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Built for rapid data exploration

The Xenium Analyzer processes data during the run allowing you to visualize and explore the data right away.

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Plus, no cloud is required.

Use our open file formats with community-developed tools of your choosing.

A state-of-the-art single cell spatial imaging platform

Xenium Analyzer integrates high-resolution imaging and onboard data analysis enabling the processing of 400 mm² of tissue in <50 hrs (with nuclei-based segmentation).

Xenium Analazer

Target the biology that matters

Our panels are carefully designed and curated, incorporating a data-driven approach that combines expert input with years of single cell experience. Customization is fast and easy.

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Xenium Analazer
In development: Higher plex, simultaneous protein detection panels, and more!


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Xenium is even more powerful when complemented with the 10x toolkit

Expand your Xenium insights by combining it with unbiased, whole transcriptome measurements from single cells and entire tissue sections.

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