Xenium In Situ

High-performance in situ made fast and easy

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Xenium Analyzer alongside a screenshot of the Xenium Explorer software and reagent kits

Experience world-class subcellular in situ from the single cell leader

The Xenium In Situ platform enables subcellular mapping of 100s to 1,000s of RNA targets in addition to multiplexed protein, revealing new insights into cellular structure and function. The platform includes a versatile and intuitive instrument, sensitive and specific chemistry, and a diverse menu of customizable panels. Visualize data with the intuitive Xenium Explorer or use standard format single cell and new open standard spatial data outputs with community-developed analysis tools.

  • Designed for you

    From customizable biologically relevant panels to a simple-to-use workflow and instrument, Xenium makes in situ profiling work for you.
  • More insights, less sample

    Fast run times, large imageable areas, and ready to explore data outputs let you make the most of your precious samples in less time.
  • High-quality data

    Thoughtful probe design delivers highly sensitive and specific detection of targets in fresh frozen or FFPE tissues, for data you can trust.
  • Access to expert support

    From tissue prep to data analysis our in-field technical experts are available to enable the success of your experiments.

A platform for now and the future

The Xenium platform is a result of the 10x Genomics innovation engine combined with our expertise in single cell and spatial analysis. The robust platform roadmap will feature enhanced analysis capabilities, detection of additional analyte types, and higher throughput.

Expertly curated and easily customizable content

  • Xenium panels are carefully designed using a data-driven approach combined with expert input. The result is a diverse menu of biologically relevant panels. You also have the flexibility to conveniently customize existing panels or create your own standalone custom panel for your specific research. Xenium gives you the scale and flexibility to deeply understand the biology you care about.
    Xenium panels designed using a data-driven approach combined with expert input

Easy-to-use, high-throughput analyzer

  • Xenium Analyzer features an intuitive instrument design and user interface that guides you through set-up. Carry out your high-throughput in situ experiments of fresh frozen or FFPE samples with little hands-on time. On-board analysis capabilities include primary and secondary analysis, including cell segmentation all the way to generation of a cell-feature matrix. This enables direct exploration of the data without more processing off-instrument.
    Xenium Analzer

Intuitive visualization software

  • Xenium Explorer is easy-to-use desktop software that allows interactive exploration of the on-instrument subcellular readout from Xenium Analyzer. It also allows for simplified data QC. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to explore your data using the community-developed analysis tools of your choice; Xenium outputs files in familiar standard single cell and new open standards spatial data formats.
    Xenium Analyzer

High-performance in situ gene expression mapping

  • The Xenium platform has been developed to fit into your existing tissue workflow with assays compatible with both fresh frozen and FFPE tissues. High specificity is achieved by leveraging probe-based hybridization and ligation to the target. Individual probes are bright enough for robust detection. The number of probes is tunable to fit each use case.
    Tissue sample analyzed using the Xenium platform

Xenium is even more powerful when complemented with the 10x toolkit

Start your research with unbiased, whole transcriptome measurements from Chromium Single Cell and Visium Spatial solutions to discover interesting biology. Then use Xenium In Situ to refine your understanding of key targets.

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