Xenium In Situ

High-performance in situ from the single cell leader

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Xenium breast cancer sample data

Characterize 100s to 1,000s of RNAs and multiplexed protein in cells and tissues with subcellular in situ resolution in the same section.

Xenium builds on our years of innovation in single cell and spatial technologies to deliver the most advanced end-to-end high-plex in situ platform on the market. The purpose-built design streamlines going from tissue section to data, with an automated analyzer, curated and/or custom panels, and intuitive visualization and analysis software.

  • 10x Genomics padlock probe technlogy

    Highly sensitive and specific padlock probe chemistry

    Have confidence in your data. Take advantage of unique capabilities like distinguishing between highly homologous or short RNAs and detecting lowly expressed transcripts.
  • Xenium slide throughput

    Industry-leading throughput, up to 7x faster than other platforms

    Maximize your biological insights and avoid field of view limitations. Analyze up to 288 mm² per slide for a total of up to 1,728 mm² per week.
  • 10x Genomics Cancer Sample Prep Guide

    Visualize and explore data immediately after a run

    The Xenium Analyzer processes data during the run and no cloud is required. Leverage our open common file formats with the community-developed tools of your choosing.
  • 10x Genomics Cancer Sample Prep Guide

    Expertly curated and customizable assays

    Choose from biologically relevant panels that leverage our extensive experience in the single cell field. Easily customize off-the-shelf panels, or have us build a standalone panel for your targets of interest.
  • 10x Genomics Cancer Sample Prep Guide

    Fast, 3-hour hands-on workflow, and guided instrument run setup

    Get your experiments started quickly. No tissue optimization is required, with similar protocols for FF and FFPE samples.
  • 10x Genomics Cancer Sample Prep Guide

    Integrate histopathology workflows with high-plex in situ data

    Run H&E and protein (IF) on the same section. Xenium’s non-destructive assay makes for seamless incorporation into histopathology studies post-run.
  • Easily find biology that matters

    Group genes by marker type to identify cell types and states with Xenium's revolutionary subcellular resolution.
  • Fully explore transcript density at any scale

    Zoom in to single molecules in single cells, or zoom out to whole tissue maps.
  • Seamlessly compare gene expression across tissue regions

    Explore how context influences data across the entirety of your tissue section. Use the lasso tool to easily compare gene expression across tissue regions.
  • Freely analyze data how you choose

    Delve into your data with the intuitive Xenium Explorer or plug directly into third-party tools without the hassle of modifying file formats.
If you are interested in Catalyst, a proof of concept service offering to support you in acquiring Xenium, please contact us.

Target the biology that matters

Our panels are carefully designed and curated, incorporating a data-driven approach that combines expert input with years of single cell experience. Customization is fast and easy, letting you add to existing panels or order your own standalone panels specifically tailored to power your research.

    Human Breast Gene Expression Panel

    Features 280 genes chosen to target cell types and cell states, including cancer disease states. Add up to 100 additional targets.

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    Human Brain Gene Expression Panel

    266 genes chosen to target cell types and cell states, including genes implicated in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, glioblastoma, and more. Add up to 100 additional targets.

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    Human Lung Gene Expression Panel

    Features 289 genes chosen to target cell types and cell states, including COVID-19 infection and lung cancer. Add up to 100 additional targets.

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    Mouse Brain Gene Expression Panel

    Features 248 genes chosen to target cell types and cell states for mouse brain research. Add up to 100 additional targets.

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    Standalone Custom Panels

    Give us a list of up to 300 targets, and we'll design, build, and ship the panel in 4-6 weeks.

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Additional panels in development

Additional panels will be added soon, including multi-tissue mouse and human.

Xenium is even more powerful when complemented with the 10x toolkit

Expand your Xenium insights by combining them with unbiased, whole transcriptome measurements from single cells and entire tissue sections. Seamlessly move back and forth between multiomic single cell, spatial, and/or subcellular resolution.

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