Xenium Analyzer

A state-of-the-art single cell spatial imaging platform

Seamlessly integrates transcript detection workflow, high-resolution imaging, decoding, and onboard data analysis.

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Xenium Analyzer instrument

Built to deliver exceptional image and data quality

Features state-of-the-art image acquisition and high-resolution optics with a nanometer-level localization precision.

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    Provides industry-leading throughput, up to 7x faster than other platforms

    Generates best-in-class spatially resolved single cell gene expression data, at the fastest speeds per mm2. Analyze up to 236 mm2 per slide and up to 1,400 mm² per week.

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    Converts terabytes of 3D imaging data into biologically meaningful insights

    One-of-a-kind onboard analysis software performs high-powered computation on-instrument. Internal image sensor data is converted into ready-to-explore formats as soon your run finishes.

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    Delivers an unparalleled user experience

    Simple run setup and cleanup operations, an intuitive touchscreen, and ergonomic design make instrument operation a breeze.

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    Expands with upcoming innovations

    Flexible fluidic architecture allows the Xenium Analyzer to leverage new functionalities, assay enhancements, and more.

The ultimate single cell spatial biology experience


Xenium Analyzer

Xenium Analyzer

Dimensions (W x D x H)

52.5” x 27” x 31” (59” with door open)

133.3 cm x 68.5 cm x 78.7 cm (149.8 cm with door open)


Transcript XY-localization precision < 30 nm and Z-localization precision< 100 nm

Pixel size = ~0.2 µm/pixel

Number of slides per run

2 slides

Throughput (area per time)

400 mm² in less than 50 hours

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Total tissue area analyzable per run

~ 470 mm²

Sample prep

2–3 days sample prep, under 50 hour run time for 4 cm² of tissue on the Xenium Analyzer

Data output file formats

Cell-feature matrices: MEX, HDF5, Zarr

Transcripts and segmentation boundaries: CSV, Parquet, Zarr

Tissue images: OME-TIFF


Compatible with 10x Genomics Cloud instrument management

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The Xenium In Situ platform consists of an automated analyzer, curated and/or custom panels, and intuitive visualization and analysis software.

Xenium In Situ Platform

Building on our years of innovation in single cell and spatial technologies, Xenium was designed to transform the way researchers can characterize RNA, protein, and cells in their native tissue environment.

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