Resolving Biology to Advance Human Health

This is the Century of Biology. Breakthroughs in the coming decades will transform the world. We accelerate this progress by powering fundamental research across the life sciences, including oncology, immunology, and neuroscience.


Our products combine hardware, chemistry, and software to give single cell and spatial views of biological systems.
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    Solve the challenge of infectious disease with single cell and spatial multiomics by gaining a holistic understanding of COVID-19, its pathophysiological signatures, and the cell-mediated immune response.


    Redefine immunology with multiomic single cell and spatial characterization for actionable insights into infectious disease, therapeutic discovery, allergies and inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and transplantation.


    Resolve cancer with single cell and spatial insights into the complex biology underlying tumor heterogeneity, the tumor and immune microenvironment, biomarker discovery, and therapeutic development.


    Gain a new perspective on neural complexity with spatial and single cell resolution for deeper insights into psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disease, and developmental neurobiology.


    Search and browse over 2,000 peer-reviewed publications using 10x Genomics products.

    How 10x Accelerates Biology

    Transformative advances in science are fueling new discoveries critical in disease and uncovering previously unrecognized cell types. Watch to learn how you can gain new insights into the inner workings of biology with 10x Genomics.