A transformative upgrade to short-read sequencers that fits easily into existing lab infrastructure.

DNA or Cellular Input

For DNA applications, start with only 1 ng of DNA. For single-cell applications, start with thousands of cells.

Chromium System

High-throughput automated barcoding and library construction for powerful new sequencing applications.

Existing Sequencers

Perform whole genome, exome and single cell sequencing using standard short-read sequencers.

10x Software Tools

Utilize turn-key analysis pipelines and visualization tools for investigating variation within whole genome, exome and single cell samples.

10x GemCode Technology enables the discovery of previously inaccessible genetic information at scale.

The Chromium System is powered by the 10x GemCode Technology, which fuels our innovative reagent delivery system, novel algorithms, and turn-key software suite, to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for DNA and RNA analysis.

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Resolve Compound HeterozygosityEstablish cis or trans relationships between variants without trio sequencing
Detect Structural VariantsDetect multiple classes of structural variants, including gene fusions, duplications, deletions and translocations
Interrogate Heterogeneous Cell PopulationsProfile 1,000s to 10,000s of cells per experiment and detect rare cell types