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Announcing Future Products and Upcoming Immune Dataset

We finished 2018 strong with the launch of multiple single cell solutions including Single Cell ATAC, Single Cell Gene Expression v3, Single Cell CNV, as well as Feature Barcoding technology for multiomic analysis. We won’t stop there — we have only just begun.
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Five-Year Super Successes in Genomics and Precision Medicine

Companies carve out their niches in Genomics and Personalized Medicine—six examples of companies that have carved out their own niches in the realms of personalized medicine and its underlying application of omics technologies and clinical genetic insights.
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Accelerating Biology

Our solutions have already fueled new discoveries critical in disease and uncovered previously unrecognized cell types. Watch to learn how 10x Genomics technology gives you new perspectives on the inner workings of biology that can quickly lead to new insights.


Learn about our solutions for different research areas.

Through a combination of novel microfluidics, chemistry and bioinformatics, our solutions are enabling scientists to understand the fundamentals of biology at unprecedented resolution and scale.

DNA or Cellular Input

For DNA applications, start with only 1 ng of DNA. For single cell applications, start with thousands of cells.

Chromium System

High-throughput automated barcoding and library construction for powerful new sequencing applications.

Existing Sequencers

Perform whole genome, exome, and single cell sequencing using standard short-read sequencers.

10x Software Tools

Utilize turn-key analysis pipelines and visualization tools for investigating variation within whole genome, exome, and single cell samples.

We’re here to help.

We’re here to help.