10x Genomics Certified Service Provider Program

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Accelerate your research by working with our Certified Service Providers to quickly and effectively get the results you need. Easily initiate cutting-edge research projects and overcome research roadblocks with our Certified Service Provider Program.


From sample preparation to library generation and data processing workflows, Certified Service Providers are trained on 10x Genomics’ best practices, helping you overcome research roadblocks and accelerating your research.


With our Certified Service Provider Program you can access the expertise of a team of highly trained scientists and bioinformaticians to support your research.


Certified Service Providers undergo a training and evaluation process, as well as a yearly recertification process, giving you the confidence you need in your research results.

Find a 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider

10x Genomics certifies service providers for the following solutions: Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution, Single Cell ATAC Solution, and Spatial Gene Expression Profiling Solution. Any additions or modifications to these applications are not certified by 10x Genomics.