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Targeted Gene Expression - Single Cell User Guide

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As part of the Targeted Gene Expression assay, up to eight Single Cell libraries can be pooled prior to the hybridization and capture workflow. The accompanying worksheet provides a template for calculating the appropriate pooling ratios.


  • Target Hybridization Kit, 16 rxns PN-1000248
  • Library Amplification Kit, 16 rxns PN-1000249
  • Human Gene Signature Panel, 16 rxns PN-1000245
  • Human Gene Signature Panel, 4 rxns PN-1000258
  • Human Immunology Panel, 16 rxns PN-1000246
  • Human Immunology Panel, 4 rxns PN-1000259
  • Human Pan-Cancer Panel, 16 rxns PN-1000247
  • Human Pan-Cancer Panel, 4 rxns PN-1000260
  • Human Neuroscience Panel, 16 rxns PN-1000278
  • Human Neuroscience Panel, 4 rxns PN-1000277
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