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Chromium Nuclei Isolation Kit Tested Tissues

Chromium Nuclei Isolation Kit Tested Tissues

The sample types listed below are frozen tissues that were tested with the Chromium Nuclei Isolation Kit. All samples were tested with no modification to Chromium Nuclei Isolation workflow.

Compatible Tissues

All tissues listed in this table consistently achieved high quality data. Nuclei yield and final data quality are dependent on tissue handling and storage, starting tissue quality, and disease state.

OrganismTissueDisease State
MouseSmall IntestineHealthy
MouseSkeletal Muscle (Tibialis Anterior)Healthy
MouseSpinal CordHealthy
MouseAdipose TissueHealthy
HumanKidneyTumor *
HumanBreastTumor *
HumanLarge IntestineTumor *
HumanLungTumor *
HumanMelanomaTumor *
HumanOvaryTumor *
HumanPancreasTumor *
HumanProstateTumor *

* Tumors are heterogeneous and variability in data quality is expected. Biological variability between patients or disease states impact data quality.

Tissues with variable results

Tissues listed in this table generated variable outputs in nuclei yield or data quality. Most of these samples are known to be challenging.

  • Low nuclei yield samples were difficult to dissociate, but were able to generate high quality data. In addition to following best practices when working with limited samples, we recommend chopping tissues into smaller pieces before dissociation in lysis buffer to maximize nuclei recovery.

  • High RNase content samples are challenging to work with for gene expression experiments as RNases will degrade the RNA within the sample and are therefore more susceptible to collection and storage based artifacts. We recommend freezing the sample and storing in liquid nitrogen as soon as possible after collection, and avoiding freeze/thaw cycles to reduce impact of RNase activity.

OrganismTissueChallenging Phenotype
MouseSkinLow nuclei yield
MouseTongueLow nuclei yield
MousePancreasHigh RNase content
Mouse/HumanSpleenHigh RNase content

Incompatible Tissues

These sample types are not supported or compatible with the Chromium Nuclei Isolation Kit. We do not recommend these types of samples to be run with this kit.

Incompatible Samples
Cell suspensions (i.e. cultured cells, PBMCs)
Calcified tissue (i.e. bone)
Plant tissue
Insect tissue
Fixed Tissue (e.g. FFPE, PFA)

The list of tissues tested reflect our access to these sample types and the specific tissues tested were chosen to reflect the wide range of possible input tissues expected to be used with this kit.

If your tissue of interest is not present in the list of tissues tested, please refer to the following article for guidance: What if my tissue is not on the list of tissues tested with the Chromium Nuclei Isolation Kit?

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