Dec 8, 2016

Cell Ranger™ Software 1.2 is here!

Shauna Clark

The latest release of Cell Ranger™ Software 1.2 for single cell data analysis includes updates for scalability, usability and analysis improvements.  What’s exciting about this release? Well, we can now analyze 1,000,000 cell datasets!

There’s some other great improvements too:

  • New and improved differential expression algorithm
  • New pipeline for combining data from multiple libraries (that’s how you create 1M cell datasets)
  • Customizable parameters for flexible clustering re-analysis
  • New data visualization plot- compare sequencing depth to library complexity
  • Streamlined integration into existing workflows and better QC support with a new demultiplexing pipeline

Read the full release notes and download Cell Ranger 1.2 here.

You can also see the Cell Ranger 1.2 and Chromium™ Single Cell 3’ v2 chemistry improvements with 10 new datasets. View and download single cell datasets on the 10x Support Site.

Learn more about single cell analysis with the Chromium™ Single Cell Solution in our new scientific seminar video, "Massively-parallel single cell analysis with the Chromium™ System" featuring 10x's Tarjei Mikkelsen.