Nov 30, 2017

10x-pert Workshop - How to: Single-Nuclei RNA-seq

Shauna Clark

On November 28 we hosted our 6th 10x-pert Workshop: How to: Single-nuclei RNA-seq featuring 10x R&D scientists Sharmila Chatterjee and Paul Ryvkin. Sharmila presented our single-nuclei isolation demonstrated protocol and discussed some of the differences between single-nuclei and single-cell RNA-seq. Paul discussed single-nuclei data analysis and gave a great live demo of Loupe Cell Browser featuring one of our single-nuclei datasets. Following the presentation, Sharmila and Paul answered audience questions during an open Q&A session.

Watch the session recording and find links to single-nuclei and single-cell RNA-seq resources below.

Recording table of contents:

  • Why choose single-nuclei RNA-seq:  2:50 - 7:05
  • Nuclei sample preparation and best practices: 7:05 - 25:35
  • Overview of single-nuclei RNA-seq data analysis: 25:35 - 37:15
    • Loupe Cell Browser demo with nuclei dataset
  • Open Q&A session: 37:15 - 56:30

Single-cell RNA-seq resources:

  • Demonstrated Protocol: Nuclei isolation for single-nuclei RNA-seq
  • Chromium™ Single Cell 3' Solution for gene expression analysis
  • Data analysis software: Cell Ranger and Loupe Cell Browser
  • Single-nuclei datasets: 1k Brain Nuclei from an E18 Mouse and 2k Brain Nuclei from an Adult Mouse
  • Reference for mouse brain cell biomarkers used in Loupe Cell Browser demo
  • Find all single-cell gene expression documentation on the 10x Support Site