Supplier Code of Conduct

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10x Genomics, Inc. builds products to interrogate, understand and master biology with the goal to advance human health. We are committed to highest integrity and ethical standards. We understand that our success not only depends on our own employees, but also depends on our suppliers and partners. This Supplier Code of Conduct (this “Code”) is intended as an overview of guiding principles for all the suppliers (“Supplier”) who work with 10x Genomics, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “10x”).

Merely operating within the law is just the beginning of the ethical conduct we expect and insist upon. The following is a broad statement of 10x’s expectations on Supplier regarding legal and ethical conduct. This statement should be interpreted in the spirit of its intent, as it is virtually impossible to address every situation or condition that may arise.

Ethics and Compliance

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, legal regulations and guidelines, as well as all obligations in any contracts with 10x.

  • Anti-corruption: Supplier shall not offer or accept any form of bribery, corruption, extortion, or embezzlement. Supplier shall comply fully with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (the “FCPA”), the UK Bribery Act 2010 (the “Bribery Act”) and all other applicable anti-corruption laws, when conducting business anywhere in the world.

  • Fair Competition: Supplier shall conduct business consistent with fair and vigorous competition and in compliance with all applicable anti-trust laws.

  • Conflict of Interest: Supplier shall not offer gifts, excessive hospitality, entertainment or other financial or professional opportunities to any 10x employees or their families in order to obtain business or influence a decision. Supplier shall disclose any conduct or relationship that could present an actual or perceived conflict with the interest of 10x. Such disclosures shall include, but are not limited to,

    • Any 10x employees who may also be hired as an employee, consultant or director of Supplier; or
    • Any 10x employees who may have any financial interest (excluding stock ownership of a publicly traded company), directly or indirectly in Supplier.
  • Privacy and Information Security: Supplier shall safeguard the privacy of personal information of everyone with whom they do business, including suppliers, customers, consumers and employees.

  • Conflict Minerals: Supplier shall design and implement a process reasonably assuring that any origin of their minerals is not from conflict-affected regions and the trade has not contributed to financing the armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Suppliers will make available to 10x upon request, information on the source and chain of custody of these minerals.

Labor and Human Rights

  • Freely Chosen Employment: Supplier will not use or permit any form of forced, bonded or indentured labor. All work must be voluntary, and work must be undertaken for fair compensation. Supplier must comply with all applicable laws related to human trafficking and the prevention of modern forms of slavery.
  • Child Labor and Young Workers: Supplier shall not engage in any employment of child labor, directly or indirectly. “Child” means any person under age 15, under the age for completing compulsory education, or under the minimum age for employment in the country, whichever is greatest. The employment of young workers below the age of 18 shall only occur in non-hazardous work.
  • Non-Discrimination: Supplier shall strictly prohibit any discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, gender, age, color, religion, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status or ethnic, national or any other characteristic protected by law.

Health and Safety

  • Worker Protection: Supplier shall comply with all applicable safety and health laws and regulations and protect workers from over exposure to chemical, biological and physical hazards at the workplace. Supplier will implement procedures to prevent, manage, track and report occupational injury and illness.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Supplier will identify potential emergencies and will implement emergency plans and provide guidance to workers on emergency response procedures.


  • Environmental Permits: Supplier shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Supplier will obtain and keep current all required environmental permits, approvals and registrations, and follow their operational and reporting requirements.
  • Sustainability: Supplier will commit to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and to minimize the adverse impacts on the environment. This includes reducing resource consumption, improving energy efficiency and minimize waste generation.

Animal Welfare

  • We expect all our suppliers to adopt healthy and humane approaches when working with animals and to consider ways to reduce and replace the usage of animals whenever possible.
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