Redefine immunology with multiomic single cell and spatial characterization

Explore a new era of immunological discovery

Every day, immunologists deepen our understanding of the immune system’s intricate network of responses and interactions. Learn how single cell and spatial multiomics are empowering exciting new research into autoimmunity, immuno-oncology, vaccine development, and beyond.

Critical Tools for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has taken thousands of lives and the number of infections is growing daily. With single cell and spatial technology, you can capture multiple dimensions of infection and the immune response. Explore a curated list of COVID-19 publications and other helpful resources.

  • Infectious Disease

    Infectious Disease

    Uncover how pathogens infect host cells and elicit immune responses. Link the host immune response to infection recovery or severity.
  • Autoimmunity


    Decipher the underlying mechanisms of misdirected immune responses. Explore the pathophysiology of disease in single cells and organ systems.
  • Transplantation


    Advance clinical management of solid organ and hematological stem cell transplants. Understand the immunological basis for transplantation disease conditions.
  • Therapeutic Discovery

    Therapeutic Discovery

    Define the receptor repertoire and antigen specificity of adaptive immune cells. Advance vaccine development, identify prophylactic antibodies, and generate targeted immunotherapies.
  • Cellular and Molecular Immunology

    Cellular and Molecular Immunology

    Explore the fundamental biology of the immune system in health and disease. Characterize immune cell identity, function, and organization in the body.
  • Allergies and Inflammation

    Allergies and Inflammation

    Investigate the biology of innate and adaptive immune activation. Decode the mechanisms of immune hyperactivation in response to bodily insult or injury.
  • Immuno-oncology


    Identify infiltrating immune cells within the tumor microenvironment. Characterize immune cell functions and receptor repertoire.
  • Explore the immune system with multiomic resolution

    Enter this interactive technology exhibit from 10x Genomics to explore, compare, and understand how to integrate multiple cytometry techniques for immunology research.

    Explore featured resources to enhance your immunology research

    • On-demand Webinars

      Discover how researchers used multiomic cytometry to improve biomarker discovery by deeply characterizing cell types through the simultaneous analysis of cell-surface epitopes and intracellular mRNA-based gene expression parameter.
    • Research Snapshots

      Explore how researchers used single cell analysis to study individuals with exceptionally long lifespans, and how they found that expansion of cytotoxic T cells may confer protection against cancer and viral infection.
    • Immunology Multiomics 101

      From profiling immune cells in disease to understanding T-cell exhaustion, find guidance for your immunology research with this one-stop-shop resource for multiomic single cell experimental planning.

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  • Redefine your understanding of innate and adaptive immunity