Apr 3, 2017

10x Genomics at #AACR17 - April 3, 2017

Shauna Clark

AACR is in full swing, and we've got another great poster for you to check out today.  Poster 1436 "Identification of novel tumor suppressor candidates in familial cholangiocarcinoma using sequencing-based Megabase-scale haplotypes from germline and cancer genomes" will be presented today by Stephanie Greer, Stanford University from 8:00am – 12:00pm in Section 17, Board 5.  The authors used whole genome sequencing (WGS) with 10x Genomics Linked-Reads to identify entire megabase regions of the genome that segregated with cholangiocarcinoma and were able to identify a novel tumor suppressor variant.  Read the full abstract here.

After learning more about how 10x technology aided in identifying tumor suppressor variants, stop by and see us at Booth 1644 to find out how 10x Linked-Reads or single cell analysis solutions could play a part in your research, too. Plus, get the inside scoop on the new Chromium™ Single Cell V(D)J Solution - a high-throughput solution for adaptive Immune system analysis at single-cell resolution.

Our Workshop, "Comprehensive Single Cell Analysis and Cancer Genomics with the Chromium™ System" with 10x’s Tarjei Mikkelsen and Dr. Hanlee Ji of Stanford University took place yesterday and here are some highlights compliments of the twitterverse.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post to learn about some great posters to check out at #AACR17!

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