Feb 14, 2017

Fast and scalable single cell analysis with the new Loupe™ Cell Browser

Jeff Mellen

We are thrilled to announce the release of Loupe™ Cell Browser, a new tool that allows you to quickly and easily visualize and analyze 10x Chromium™ Single-Cell 3' data.  With Loupe Cell Browser and the new Cell Ranger™ 1.3 pipeline, you'll be able to find significant genes, identify cell types, and explore substructure within your 10x datasets, without writing a single line of code.

Whether you're an experienced bioinformatician or don't know R from C, we think you're going to love using Loupe Cell Browser.  Why?

It's easy.  If you can create a slide, you can use Loupe Cell Browser.  Point, click, and drag your way to finding significant genes, creating custom clusters, and generating beautiful expression plots.

It's fast.  We've optimized Loupe Cell Browser to rapidly answer your experimental questions.  Displaying expression levels from a set of gene markers takes seconds, and calculating significant genes takes less than a minute for most datasets.  You can even investigate our million-mouse neuron dataset from your own laptop-- no beefy cluster required!

It fits.  The new Cell Ranger 1.3 pipeline and Loupe Cell Browser were developed together.  Explore data in Loupe Cell Browser as soon as your pipelines complete.  Use Cell Ranger to combine multiple samples into a single dataset, and easily compare and visualize them in Loupe Cell Browser.  Together, you now have a powerful, integrated single-cell analysis toolbox at your disposal.

Loupe Cell Browser and Cell Ranger 1.3 are available for download now.  Learn how Loupe Cell Browser can accelerate your analysis through our tutorial.  Once you get comfortable, you can explore our public datasets, or better yet, start looking at your own data!  We're excited to see what you'll discover.