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Tutorials for Single Cell Gene Expression & Flex

Interface, Navigation, and Differential Gene Expression
Learn how to navigate the Loupe Browser interface with a pre-loaded lung carcinoma dataset and learn how to perform differential gene expression analysis.
Explore Substructure
Finding subgroups within broader cell types and larger clusters.
Identify Cell Subtypes
Identifying known immature and mature B cell types in the dataset.
Filtering and Reanalysis Workflow
Performing graph-based clustering and generating t-SNE and/or UMAP projections for cells of interest.
Share Results in Loupe Browser
Sharing results via .cloupe and export options.
Import and Export Projections, Clusters, and Features
Importing and exporting projections, clusters, and features.
Tumor Microenvironment Data Analysis and Visualization
Analysis and visualization of data in the tumor microenvironment application note using the Loupe and Loupe V(D)J Browsers.
Analyze public PBMC scRNA-Seq
Analyzing public PBMC scRNA-Seq data using Loupe Browser.
Capturing Neutrophils
Preserve and annotate neutrophils in 10x Single Cell Gene Expression Data. This link takes you to the Cell Ranger website.
Example Data Analysis
Analyze scRNA-Seq Data From a Publication Using 10x Software. This link takes you to the Cell Ranger website.