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Find resources from protocols to free-to-use analysis tools.
Experimental Planning and Design

Plan ahead by referring to the list of equipment, kits, and reagents needed for the Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE protocols.

Tissue Prep

For proper FFPE tissue sectioning and placement.

Tissue Staining

Deparaffinize, stain, image, and decrosslink tissue.


For imaging hardware, general image acquisition and analysis guidelines, and example images.

Probe Sets

Find a list of probes targeting protein-coding genes in human or mouse transcriptome for the Visium for FFPE assay.

Library Construction

Construct a sequencing-ready Visium spatial library from your FFPE tissue sections.


Sequence your Visium spatial library as per our provided recommendations.

Software Analysis

Analyze your Visium spatial data using our pipelines and visualization tools.