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Plate-based Sample Preparation for Single Cell RNA Sequencing

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Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression solutions enable the generation of dual index libraries to study gene expression profiles, cell surface protein expression, and/or CRISPR screening in million-cell experiments. Single cell samples may be multiplexed with the 10x Genomics 3' CellPlex Kit, which provides a species agnostic sample multiplexing solution through the use of a set of 12 Feature Barcode oligonucleotides each conjugated to a lipid.

This protocol provides guidance for preparing samples for Cell Multiplexing Oligo labeling in a high-throughput, plate based format. High throughput formats enable sample labeling at scales more appropriate for applications such as drug and CRISPR screening. Prior experience working with 96-well plates is highly encouraged for this protocol. Pilot experiments are advised to ensure minimal cell loss at each wash step.

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June 8, 2022