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Cell Ranger ARC

Cell Ranger ARC

What is Cell Ranger ARC?

Cell Ranger ARC is an advanced analytical suite designed for the Chromium Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression sequencing. It provides in-depth analysis of gene expression and chromatin accessibility at a single cell level, uniquely linking these aspects for enhanced genomic understanding.

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Learn more about input files required to run Cell Ranger ARC

Running Pipelines

Learn more about how to run Cell Ranger ARC


Learn more about the output files generated by Cell Ranger


Custom Reference for Rat
A tutorial on using Cell Ranger ARC mkref to create a reference for Rattus norvegicus

Algorithms overview

Overview of Cell Ranger ARC algorithms.


Advanced pipeline content for Cell Ranger ARC.


Learn how to troubleshoot common errors.

Release Notes

View the latest updates to Cell Ranger ARC.


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Access free public Chromium data from 10x Genomics.

Loupe Browser

Loupe Browser is a desktop application that allows you to interactively visualize data.