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Account creation

Learn how to create a free account using the two different log-in options.

Upload via Web Browser

Upload FASTQ files into your projects either using the Web Uploader.

Upload via CLI

Upload FASTQ files into your projects either using the 10x Genomics Cloud CLI.

Upload a reference

In addition to the pre-built human and mouse reference packages available in Cloud Analysis, you can upload and use your own custom references in your Cloud Analysis projects.

Create analyses

After uploading FASTQ files into your project in Cloud Analysis, you are ready to analyze your data.

Download output files

You are given four unique options for downloading your output files for each completed analysis. These options have certain benefits and limitations that make them appropriate for different circumstances.

Transfer projects

Cloud Analysis allows you to transfer projects from your user account to another user account.

CLI Documentation

The 10x Genomics Cloud CLI is a command line interface (CLI) that allows you to upload FASTQ files to projects in your 10x Genomics account, create projects from the command line, and manage other tasks related to your 10x Genomics account.