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Visium Spatial Gene Expression Reagent Kits for FFPE User Guide

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    User Guide, CG000407


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This User Guide is only compatible with Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE reagent kits. Do NOT use with the Visium assay for snap frozen and OCT embedded tissue.

For use with:

  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide Kit, 16 rxns PN-1000185 | 4 rxns PN-1000188
  • Visium Tissue Section Test Slides, 4 Pack, PN-1000347
  • Visium FFPE Reagent Kit, Large PN-1000362 | Small PN-1000361
  • Visium Human Transcriptome Probe Kit, Large PN-1000364 | Small PN-1000363
  • Visium Mouse Transcriptome Probe Kit, Large PN-1000366 | Small PN-1000365
  • Visium Accessory Kit, PN-1000194
  • Dual Index Kit TS Set A, 96 rxns PN-1000251
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September 22, 2023