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Visium Spatial Protocols – Tissue Preparation Guide

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The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution measures the total mRNA in tissue sections and requires a Visium Spatial slide with intact tissue sections as input. Proper tissue handling and preparation techniques preserve the morphological quality of the tissue sections and the integrity of mRNA transcripts. This is critical for downstream library preparation and generation of high quality sequencing data using the Visium Spatial Gene Expression protocols.

The Tissue Preparation Guide provides guidance on:

  • Selecting appropriate Visium Spatial slides specific to the Visium Spatial protocol being used.
  • Best practices for handling tissue samples and Visium Spatial slides before and after cryosectioning.
  • Freezing and embedding tissue samples prior to cryosectioning.
  • Cryosectioning of tissue samples and placement of sections on Visium Spatial slides.


  • Visium Spatial Tissue Optimization Slide & Reagent Kit, 4 slides PN-1000193
  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide & Reagent Kit, 16 rxns PN-1000184
  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide & Reagent Kit, 4 rxns PN-1000187
  • Visium Gateway Tissue Optimization Slide & Reagent Kits, 1 slide (PN-1000313, PN-1000314)
  • Visium Gateway Gene Expression Slide & Reagent Kit, 2 rxns PN-1000317
  • Visium Accessory Kit, PN-1000194
  • Dual Index Kit TT Set A, 96 rxns PN-1000215
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