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Guidance for Cores

If you are a member of a core lab or service provider working with 10x Genomics datasets, Cloud Analysis can help improve your workflow.

Many sequencing core facilities limit their services to delivering FASTQ files because they do not have the compute infrastructure for running Cell Ranger pipelines or the experience in analyzing 10x Genomics datasets. The web-based user interface of Cloud Analysis makes it easy for core facilities to quickly run 10x pipelines, analyze datasets, and efficiently transfer output files to customers.

Learn more about the features of Cloud Analysis by visiting www.10xgenomics.com/cloud.

Incorporating Cloud Analysis into your workflow is simple. Start by visiting https://cloud.10xgenomics.com/cloud-analysis/ and creating an account on 10x Genomics Cloud. A tutorial and details of the different sign-on options are available in the account creation documentation.

After signing in to your account, create one project for each set of samples that you want to transfer to a customer. Upload FASTQ files into the project using either the web uploader (tutorial) or the 10x Genomics Cloud CLI (tutorial). Do not upload data belonging to multiple customers into a single project. To allow for project transfer, each project should contain files that belong to a single lab or researcher.

After uploading FASTQ files into a project, you can optionally run Cell Ranger analysis pipelines to process the data by creating one or more analyses. Running Cell Ranger will allow you to view the results summary and other output files in order to perform a QC check on the data. The results of the completed analyses will be available for the project transfer recipient after completing the transfer.

Next, you can initiate a transfer to your customer by opening your project settings page and entering their email address in the “Transfer Project Ownership” section of the page. Customers receive an email notification asking them to accept or decline the transfer request. You will also be notified when the project transfer has been accepted, and after this point, you will no longer have access to the project in your 10x Genomics Cloud account. More information on how to transfer projects is available in the Project Transfer Tutorial.