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Space Ranger

What is Space Ranger?

The Visium Spatial Software Suite is a set of software applications for analyzing and visualizing spatial gene and protein expression data produced by the 10x Genomics Visium Platform, including the CytAssist instrument. The Visium software suite includes Space Ranger and Loupe Browser.

Download Space Ranger

New to Space Ranger? Getting Started with Space Ranger

Learn more about Space Ranger, including analysis workflows for Direct Placement (Fresh Frozen v1 and FFPE v1) and CytAssist-enabled applications.



Learn more about input files required to Space Ranger

Running Pipelines

Learn more about how to run Space Ranger


Learn more about the output files generated by Space Ranger


Set up Space Ranger
Get started with Space Ranger
count for FF
Learn how to analyze Fresh Frozen samples with spaceranger
count for FFPE
Learn how to analyze FFPE samples with spaceranger
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