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Visium HD Spatial Gene Expression

Enter the HD era

What new worlds will you discover when you navigate your tissues in high definition? Pair the power of whole transcriptome spatial gene expression with single cell–scale resolution to discover the unique biology in every micron of tissue.

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Visium HD cityscape over mouse brain tissue

New innovations to propel your research

  • The neXt generation of single cell starts with GEM-X

    Fuel your success with enhanced performance, including increased sensitivity, robustness & throughput.
  • A new standard for Xenium cell segmentation

    Confidently assign transcripts to cells with precise multimodal segmentation and our advanced AI algorithm.
  • Discover the whole transcriptome in high definition

    The spatial discovery power you want now with single cell-scale resolution and continuous tissue coverage.

Your toolbox to resolve biology's complexities

Dissect cell-type differences, detect novel cell subtypes and biomarkers, define gene regulatory interactions, and decipher spatial gene expression patterns.

Our products empower impactful science

With over 7,200 publications using our products, join the community of scientists advancing their research with the aid of 10x Genomics.

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