Chromium Connect

Automate your single cell workflows

  • Generate consistent results

    Generate consistent results

    Reduce single cell data variability, generating reproducible and consistent results.

  • Maximize lab productivity

    Maximize lab productivity

    Go from cells to sequencing-ready libraries with walk-away convenience.

  • Integrated and validated

    Integrated and validated

    Single cell partitioning, barcoding, and library prep—together in one optimized instrument.

  • Run many single cell assays

    Run many single cell assays

    Characterize single cells by gene expression or immune receptor profiling.

  • One-day automated workflows

    One-day automated workflows

    From sample to sequencing-ready libraries in one day.

  • World-class technical support

    World-class technical support

    Expert on-site instrument installation and remote troubleshooting technical assistance.

10x Your Productivity

Looking for consistent and reproducible single cell results across experiments, across users, and even across multiple sites? With Chromium Connect, you can combine single cell partitioning, barcoding, and library preparation in a standardized, automated workflow.
10x Genomics Chromium Connect
Run 10x Genomics single cell workflows with walk-away convenience. Take a closer look at Chromium Connect to increase your productivity with automated single cell library preparation from single cell suspensions.

One system, many single cell assays

With Automation for Single Cell Gene Expression, you can automate your 3’ gene expression workflow to explore cellular heterogeneity, discover novel targets and biomarkers, and unravel complex cellular processes, with increased productivity. With Automation for Single Cell Immune Profiling workflows, you can automate your 5’ gene expression and V(D)J amplification workflows to examine cellular heterogeneity of the immune system and T- and B-cell receptor diversity, at scale.

Reduce technical variability

Chromium Connect delivers consistent and reproducible single cell data across experiments and across users. Run your assays with the confidence that technical variation is minimized with this validated instrument.

Save time and resources

Chromium Connect reduces errors from manual pipetting and is estimated to shorten your hands-on time from more than 8 hours to less than an hour. Use this automated solution to get sequencing-ready libraries every day and reclaim valuable lab time.

Benefits with automation

Compare automated and manual workflows

Consistent and reproducible library prep

Chromium Connect integrates components customized for the 10x Genomics single cell workflow, automation-specific reagents and consumables, and an easy-to-use touchscreen computer. Generate consistent and reproducible single cell gene expression results across experiments, across users, and even across multiple sites.

Generating Consistent Single Cell Gene Expression Libraries with an Automated Workflow

  • Chromium Automated Controller

    Inside Chromium Connect, the compact Chromium Automated Controller performs single cell partitioning and barcoding.
    • Integrate and automate single cell partitioning
    • Minimize new workflow training
    • Reduce hands-on time
  • Automation-Specific Single Cell Reagents

    Chromium Connect and automation-specific reagents are designed for error-proof reagent loading.
    • Minimize waste
    • Enable reagent and lot tracking
    • Ensure proper system loading
  • Guided Touchscreen Operation

    Simple operation via a clean touchscreen interface guides the user through each step of the experimental setup.
    • Step-by-step guidance
    • Minimize user interaction
    • LIMS compatible

Proven Results

Proven Results


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Our End-to-End Solution

Chromium Instruments

Chromium Instruments

Our automated instrument

Our compact instrument

Automation-Specific Single Cell Reagents

Automation-Specific Single Cell Reagents

Automation-specific reagents come in pre-aliquoted strip tubes, with flexibility to run 1–8 samples without wasted reagents.

Analysis and Visualization Software

Analysis and Visualization Software

Convert your data to biologically meaningful insights and interactively explore your results with easy-to-use software.

World-Class Technical and Customer Support

World-Class Technical and Customer Support

Our expert support team can be contacted by phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Chromium Connect supports the single cell gene expression workflow. The workflows for single cell immune profiling, including T- and B-cell receptor profiling, are expected to be available in early 2021. Chromium Next GEM Automated Single Cell reagent kits include single-use, automation-specific reagents that come in pre-aliquoted strip tubes with the flexibility to run 1–8 samples, without wasted reagents. These reagents are color-coded and 2D-barcoded for error-proof reagent loading and tracking.

The data is at parity with manual single cell assay results, and shows reproducibility and consistency from channel to channel and instrument to instrument. For more information, refer to the Technical Notes, Chromium Connect: Consistent Automated Single Cell Gene Expression Library Generation (CG000284) and Chromium Connect: Consistent Automated Single Cell 5’ Gene Expression and V(D)J Library Generation (CG000385).

Chromium Connect provides an end-to-end workflow from sample input to library generation. All library preparation steps from GEM generation, GEM-RT, cDNA amplification and clean-up, and library construction are performed on the instrument deck. In addition, other automated workflow steps include TCR or BCR amplification, as well as optional assays such as qPCR setup and pooling.

The instrument price includes installation, training, 6-month preventative maintenance, and a 12-month warranty on the instrument.

No, Chromium Connect software has been specifically designed for use with our highly optimized automated 10x Genomics protocols.

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