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Chromium Single Cell updates

Chromium Connect

Flexible workflow options for 3’ and 5’ Single Cell Gene Expression

Expected by the end of 2021

Chromium Connect automates the construction of single cell, sequencing-ready libraries from cell suspensions, improving consistency and reducing hands-on time. Our latest advances for this system bring additional convenience to your lab, with flexible workflow options for gene expression assays to better fit your experimental setup and day-to-day operations.

With these updates for Chromium Connect, you can:

  • Utilize safe stopping points after cDNA generation in the 3’ and 5’ single cell gene expression workflows
  • Store purified cDNA and batch samples for library construction
  • Perform automated library construction on Chromium Connect, starting with cDNA from single cell gene expression runs on Chromium X/iX or Controller, or prior runs on Chromium Connect
Chromium X

Making 1M cell experiments routine

Available now

Chromium X is the next generation of instrumentation, purposefully designed to enable high-throughput experiments. New high-throughput kits combined with Chromium X will deliver the scale and operational simplicity researchers need to conduct routine translational experiments, such as combinatorial drug screens, large cohort studies, antibody discovery, and pooled CRISPR screens.

With Chromium X you can:

  • Access the full capabilities of single cell gene expression and immune profiling with high throughput kits for Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression and Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • Run up to 16 samples and hundreds of thousands of cells per chip
  • Cost effectively run routine high-throughput experiments
3' CellPlex

Expand your horizons More cells, more samples & more insights with CellPlex

Available now

Scale your single cell studies with the new 3′ CellPlex Kit for sample multiplexing. Reduce sample costs and enable large-scale studies or characterize rare cell types and states for Single Cell Gene Expression experiments.

With 3' CellPlex you can:

  • Multiplex up to 12 samples per channel to increase sample throughput and reduce cost per sample
  • Capture up to 30,000 cells per channel to increase statistical power and resolve new cell types, subsets, and states
  • Leverage one solution for all samples, CellPlex is compatible across species and can be used with both cells and nuclei
  • Implement with confidence, relying on validated reagents, fully supported protocols, and integrated analysis software for robust multiplexing workflows in any study
Chromium Single Cell Low Throughput Gene Expression

Cost-effective, single cell proof-of-concept studies

Available now

Whether you are getting started with single cell gene expression, running pilot studies, or optimizing experimental conditions, low throughput Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression provides an affordable solution for these smaller-scale projects.

With Chromium Single Cell LT Gene Expression you can:

  • Generate high-quality data for 100 to 1000 cells at a significantly lower up front cost
  • Optimize experimental conditions to maximize the success of your studies
  • Discover the most affordable and reliable way to get started with single cell gene expression using a proven technology
Fixed RNA Profiling Kit

Access more samples: Profile single cells from PFA-fixed samples

Expected in the second half of 2021

PFA fixation allows samples to be collected, shipped, and analyzed without sacrificing integrity or data quality, creating new possibilities for sample accessibility, throughput, and batched analysis. Now, profile thousands of PFA-fixed single cells, unlocking a massive number of opportunities to bring single cell biology into translational and clinical labs.

With Fixed RNA Profiling Kit you can:

  • Fix your sample at collection to lock-in biological states
  • Targeted, whole transcriptome and non-polyA transcript compatible
  • Detect genes in PFA-fixed cells with high sensitivity
  • Improve sample prep, collection, and processing
  • Generate simultaneous cellular readouts
Chromium Single Cell 5’ CRISPR screening

Single cell CRISPR screening for 5′ gene expression

Bring new perspectives to target validation and unravel complex disease processes with Chromium Single Cell 5′ CRISPR screening, which enables single cell CRISPR screens with existing Cas9 guide libraries and multiomic readouts. Profile guide perturbation effects on the transcriptome, protein expression, and clonotype frequencies for deep insights into complex biology.

With Chromium Single Cell 5’ CRISPR screening you can:

  • Use existing Cas9 guide libraries in single cell CRISPR screens
  • Directly link guide perturbations to gene and protein expression changes at single cell resolution
  • Interrogate gene regulation on immune cell state and function
Chromium Single Cell Antigen Mapping

Enable high-throughput antibody and TCR discovery

Discover antigen-specific antibodies and TCRs at scale with Barcode Enabled Antigen Mapping (BEAM). Leverage Feature Barcode technology to interrogate antigen specificity and obtain corresponding full-length, paired receptor sequences.

With Chromium Single Cell Antigen Mapping you can:

  • Build custom MHC tetramers in 30 min
  • Screen 10s to 100s of peptides in a single experiment
  • Leverage a species-agnostic solution
  • Go from cells to Antigen-specific receptors in 1 week
Automated Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling

Consistent Single Cell Immune Profiling results with an automated workflow

Available now

Optimize lab productivity and accelerate your results with Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling for Chromium Connect. Simultaneously examine cellular heterogeneity of the immune system and T- and B-cell repertoire diversity to discover new cell types, identify rare cell populations, and reveal clonal expansion in response to disease and therapeutic intervention.

With Automated Single Cell Immune Profiling you can:

  • Minimize technical variation in gene expression and receptor sequence data to enable the consistency critical for reproducible multi-site studies
  • Reveal clonal expansion associated with therapeutic response and resistance with minimal hands-on time to optimize laboratory productivity
  • Automate TCR and antibody discovery, and go from cells to sequencing-ready libraries with increased laboratory efficiency

Visium Spatial Update

Visium Spatial Proteomics

Spatial multiomics with gene and protein expression profiling from the same tissue section

Expected in the second half of 2021

Add highly multiplexed protein measurement to your Visium experiements for quantitative assessment of tens to hundreds of markers that you can profile from the same FFPE or fresh frozen tissue section.

With Visium Spatial Proteomics you can:

  • Quantify expression of key protein markers with spatial context
  • Resolve complex tissue heterogeneity and map tumor-immune boundaries
  • Deeply profile protein expression for comprehensive spatial analysis of the tumor microenvironment
Visium CytAssist

Chart your own path from the intersection of histology and molecular biology towards insight and discovery

Expected in the first half of 2022

Seamlessly transition between standard histology workflows and analyte capture onto Visium slides for in-depth expression analysis.

With Visium CytAssist you can:

  • Study FFPE specimens archived in blocks or on slides
  • Expand ongoing studies of fresh frozen samples
  • Preview tissue section integrity, morphology, and staining patterns
  • Use your slides, annotate your images, choose the best sections
  • Select from powerful spatial expression tools for whole transcriptome, targeted, proteomic, or multiomic studies
  • Quickly and easily capture sample analytes for spatial library creation with Visium Spatial Solutions
Visium HD Spatial Gene Expression / for FFPE

Single Cell Resolution Whole Transcriptome Spatial Transcriptomics

Expected in the first half of 2022

Spatially resolve tissues like never before at single cell resolution. Visualize any gene, discover new biomarkers with morphological context, resolve tissue heterogeneity, and reveal the spatial organization of cell types and cell states at single cell resolution.

With Visium HD Spatial Gene Expression / for FFPE you can:

  • Spatially resolve complex tissue heterogeneity with single cell spatial gene expression
  • Identify novel cell types and states
  • Detect rare cell types within the tissue context
  • Complement Chromium single cell results in the whole tissue with the spatial organization of Visium HD in a tissue section

In Situ Spatial updates

10x In Situ Solution

Integrated turnkey solution for flexible and seamless end-to-end workflow for in situ analysis

Coming soon - Stay tuned!

Gain precise localization of RNA transcripts directly in a tissue sample, without the need for sequencing, with a punctate, subcellular readout. Interrogate panels of pre-designed or custom gene targets in parallel with proteins, using included reagents, hardware, and software tools.

With In Situ you can:

  • Generate gene panels from targets discovered using Chromium or Visium products
  • Run flexible and high-throughput clinical studies
  • Survey entire tissue sections for FFPE, fresh frozen, or fixed frozen samples
  • Integrated software tools for straightforward analysis


Software updates

Data analysis, simplified

Available now

Streamline and accelerate the interpretation of data generated from 10x Genomics assays with 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis, a platform for data management, analysis, and collaboration. Currently available in the United States.

With 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis you can:

  • Process data with 10x Genomics’ Cell Ranger analysis pipelines
  • Get your results quickly with our fast and scalable cloud platform
  • Download the results to conduct downstream analysis