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Single Cell ATAC + Gene Expression

Multiply your power of discovery

Simultaneous profiling of the epigenome and transcriptome at single cell resolution

Gain a unified view of transcription and the chromatin landscape by combining gene expression and ATAC-seq data from the same cell. Characterize direct linkages between genes and regulatory elements across tens of thousands of cells. Leverage multiomics to discover new gene regulatory interactions.


Kamila Belhocine, 10x Genomics, discusses our Single Cell ATAC + Gene Expression Solution at AGBT 2020.

With our Single Cell ATAC + Gene Expression Solution you can:

  • Deepen your characterization of cell types and cell states
  • Uncover previously hidden insights with combined epigenomic and gene expression profiling
  • Accelerate research with multiple readouts from your precious samples

Targeted gene expression

Focus on the genes that matter most to you

A targeted approach to single cell and spatial gene expression

Explore the most relevant cell types and biomarkers with targeted gene panels. Scale up gene expression experiments without the burden of whole transcriptome sequencing costs. Choose a panel with comprehensive content (cancer, immunology, neuroscience, and gene pathways) or create custom panels.


Sarah Taylor, 10x Genomics, discusses our Targeted Gene Expression Solution at AGBT 2020.

With our targeted gene expression assay you can:

  • Achieve more efficient sequencing at higher throughput and lower cost
  • Streamline analysis and decrease time to results
  • Improve experimental efficiency while maintaining high gene sensitivities
  • Maintain flexibility to perform unbiased gene expression analysis from the same sample preparation
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Visium spatial

Accelerate your research with expanded spatial capabilities

Protein detection capabilities and new software capabilities for Visium Spatial Solutions

Enhance spatial profiling with our expanded capabilities for Visium Spatial Solutions. Spatially resolve gene and protein expression simultaneously by combining Visium with IHC or with Feature Barcode technology for highly multiplexed protein detection. Move beyond fresh frozen tissue samples with our FFPE tissue solution.


Nikhil Rao, 10x Genomics, discusses updates to our Visium Spatial Platform at AGBT 2020.

With our new Visium features you can:

  • Combine protein detection with spatial gene expression data using immunofluorescence
  • Perform highly multiplexed protein detection by leveraging Feature Barcode technology to vastly increase the number of proteins detected compared to fluorescently labeled approaches
  • Aggregate samples for comparative analysis using our software
  • Explore diverse sample types and pathological states by profiling gene expression in FFPE tissue

Cell multiplexing

Scale your single cell research

Cell multiplexing for increased cell and sample throughput

Leverage CellPlex for sample multiplexing to enable flexible designs with greater throughput for your single cell gene expression and immune profiling experiments. Combine samples or profile more cells across diverse conditions, including varied primary samples, time-course studies, dose-response titrations, and more, in a single run.


Sarah Taylor, 10x Genomics, discusses our Cell Multiplexing capabilities at AGBT 2020.

With our CellPlex kit you can:

  • Increase cell and sample throughput
  • Discover temporal changes in gene expression across labeled samples
  • Profile increased experimental conditions in a single run
  • Reduce technical batch effects
  • Combine limited or rare samples to increase insights from experiments

Intracellular protein detection

Expand your multiomics capabilities with intracellular protein detection

Detect gene expression and intracellular proteins from the same cell with Feature Barcode technology

Enhance your research with simultaneous detection of gene expression and intracellular proteins in single cells. Map key transcription factors—on both the protein and transcript level—to cellular differentiation and other complex biological processes. Identify intracellular protein targets at single cell resolution and scale. Measure CRISPR perturbations, gene expression, cell surface protein, and intracellular protein expression—all from the same cell.


Sarah Taylor, 10x Genomics, discusses intracellular protein detection capabilities at AGBT 2020.

With intracellular protein profiling you can:

  • Profile key transcription factors at both the protein and transcript level
  • Deepen your understanding of the gene-protein regulatory networks that govern development and disease progression
  • Assess post-translational modifications of target proteins

Ultra high-throughput single cell

Push the limits of your single cell research

Profile millions of cells in a single experiment

Leverage the scale and throughput of 10x Genomics to scale your single cell research and profile millions of cells in a single experiment. Maximize your cell throughput to unlock high-throughput screens at single cell resolution.


Sarah Taylor, 10x Genomics, discusses our ultra high-throughput single cell capabilities at AGBT 2020.

With ultra high-throughput single cell research you can:

  • Run efficient CRISPR perturbation screens across millions of cells
  • Generate a large number of single cell expression profiles from many individuals
  • Perform high-throughput screening for functional regulatory elements

Cloud analysis

10x Genomics Cloud Analysis

A scalable cloud platform for analyzing your 10x Genomics data

10x Genomics cloud platform provides a streamlined environment for analyzing your 10x Genomics data. Share and collaborate on projects and accelerate your analysis.


Alex Wong, 10x Genomics, discusses the 10x Genomics cloud platform at AGBT 2020.