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10x Genomics
Cloud Analysis

A Scalable Cloud Platform for Analyzing Your 10x Genomics Data

Your 10x Genomics Experience Now Includes Cloud Analysis

Included With 10x Products

Standard analysis of your samples is now included. Additional analysis is available for a low cost.

Click to Run Analysis Pipelines

Run Cell Ranger analysis pipelines from a simple web interface and receive status updates when your analyses are complete.

Fast and Easy, No Hardware

A scalable platform provides very fast turnaround whether you are running one sample or many.

Easy to Share and Collaborate

Transfer data and projects to customers, collaborators, and teammates.

Integrates with Your Workflow

Designed to work alongside your current systems and give you the freedom to manage and store data however you choose.

Safe and Secure

Store your 10x Genomics analysis data on a secure platform built for privacy and access control.

How It Works


Sequence a 10x Genomics Library

Prepare and sequence your sample with a 10x Genomics assay like Single Cell 3’ Gene Expression.


Upload FASTQ Files

After demultiplexing your sequencing data, upload your FASTQ files using our fast and secure uploader tool.


Start Analysis Pipelines

Easily configure and start analyses powered by Cell Ranger analysis pipelines. Our scalable compute platform takes care of the rest.


Explore Your Results

Easily download data to your existing environments, or store data long-term for a low usage-based cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

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