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Xenium Explorer

What is Xenium Explorer?

Explore Xenium In Situ data, from tissue macrostructures to subcellular resolution, with our interactive visualization tool. Pinpoint the locations of specific transcripts, check cell segmentation, and inform downstream analysis.

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New to Xenium Explorer? Getting Started with Xenium Explorer

Walk through Xenium Explorer features for investigating your in situ gene expression data.


Xenium Explorer Navigation

Learn about Xenium Explorer and get oriented to Xenium Explorer interface and features.

Check Data Quality

Find tips for examining cell segmentation, cell cluster assignment, and gene expression with Xenium Explorer.

Multiple Selections

Use Xenium Explorer lasso tools to narrow your focus to the cells that matter.

Saving and Sharing

Save UI settings, transfer configurations to another window, and share settings with others.

Image Alignment

Align post-Xenium images or import images aligned with third-party tools.

Post-Xenium Image Format

Convert post-Xenium images to a format compatible with Xenium Explorer.

Xenium Onboard Analysis

Learn more about Xenium In Situ instrument analysis software.

Xenium Ranger

Reanalyze data from Xenium In Situ solutions.


Browse Q&As from the 10x Genomics support team.


Access free, publicly available data generated with Xenium In Situ Gene Expression solutions.

Analysis Guides

A collection of introductions, tutorials, and blogs for data analysis beyond 10x Genomics software.